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Internal Windows

We take great pride in providing a quality service that is geared towards you specific requirements.  Windows, cupboards, fridges...we can clean anywhere inside your home. We will create a bespoke package to provide guaranteed customer satisfaction.  Contact us for a free, no obligation quote.


Your windows will sparkle when we have finished.  We can polish all internal windows right across your property and as always, using our eco friendly products.


We vacuum and mop all floor surfaces, from laminates to carpets, not forgetting skirting boards, edges or under furniture.  We use an "Oreck" brush vacuum and a "Nilfisk" cylinder vacuum to ensure they are left spotless; both are commercial standard, to EU regulations, and are more efficient and powerful than your average domestic vacuum.

Other Services

The kitchen is often the busiest room of the house and requires the most attention.  This is where we excel! All work surfaces, tiles, cupboards and appliances will be left germ free with our eco-friendly products.

The bathroom is where we make everything shine. We wash everything down, dry it off and deodorise. Your bathroom suite will be left completely germ free and shining.

Special Cleans - That one off special clean across your entire house with nothing left untouched.


Moving house? Leave it to us to clean the old or new property or even both. Increase the sales potential with clean rooms and lovely fresh smells.


Renovations? Party time? Office Clean?  Deep Clean?  Just contact us to discuss your requirements.

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